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What Is Passive Income?​

Passive Income is when you get paid, WITHOUT EXCHANGING your time for money.

As opposed to Active Income, where you work and EXCHANGE YOUR TIME for a salary.

Most of us are taught from a young age to work hard, save our money and retire.

But why aren't we taught to work smart, get passive income and enjoy our life while we still can?

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Ask Yourself These Four Questions:​

1/ Would you like to choose when and where to work? Whether at home or on a beach?


2/ Would you like to travel whenever and yet still able to run your online business through your laptop?

3/ Would you like to awake each morning and see how much money you’ve made while sleeping?

4/ Or do you love your job, but simply aspire to make some extra income?

Did you answered “YES” to any of the questions above? 

Even with no prior knowledge, our course will give you the structure and tools required to make it become a reality. Become your own Boss and decide where & when you work.

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Discover how to grow your Online Business with Passive Income, to exceed your Cost Of Living (rent, bills, food, petrol,...) and become Financially Free.


Passive Income > Cost Of Living = Financial Freedom

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What Will You Learn In Our Course?

“It’s easy to make money online!” 

How many times have you heard this statement? 

This can only be true if you know what you are looking for... However with the many spammy “get rich quick schemes", it is extremely difficult and frustrating for anyone to find out how to genuinely make money online.


This is precisely where we at OCE Online Entrepreneur Center can help and guide you with our Hands-on Business Sessions.

You'll learn everything you need to set up your own business in:

Private Labeling 

Affiliate Marketing


Start earning passive income today!

How Is Our Course Different From The Others?

"Most passive income courses are aimed at the real-estate or stock market and require huge budgets to get started."

In our Sessions, discover Three Unique & Successful Methods to not only start your own online business immediately, but also cost effectively.

"Most courses act essentially as motivational sessions, rather than actually teach you anything concrete."

We guarantee by the end of our session, you will have three clear-cut business projects and all the necessary tools to start making more money and build your online business!


Here at the Online Entrepreneur Center (OEC), we have developed classes for all different levels.

If you too want to become financially independent, we invite you to attend our, Introduction To Passive Income Level 1 class!


In this powerful course you will be in a small group of maximum 8 people and learn three different successful methods of how to start building your passive income empire.

Learn all about Affiliate Marketing, Private Labeling and Dropshipping in a two-hour class fully packed with strong and valuable information.

"As one grows older, he becomes acceptant of his situation and gives up on his dreams.

Passive Income on the other-hand enables you to create the life of your dreams."

Passive Income Price


Introduction To Passive Income:

- Affiliate Marketing

- Private Labeling

- Dropshipping



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